Organizing Centers

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I needed an easy way for my kids to grab a math or literacy tub and know right away if it is an independent activity or if they need to find a partner to work with, so I created these cute labels. 

Sometimes kids want to work alone and sometimes they feel like working with a friend, so all they need to do is pick a center that suits their preference.
I made two different sets.  One has cute apples and the other has adorable kid faces.  You choose the one that fits into your classroom decor.

All you need to do is print, laminate, and cut out. 

I like to velcro them to my tubs so that I can easily change them when I change the activity in the tub.
I also tape the labels to the bags that I store the center activity in so that I can quickly identify what bin to put the activity in when I'm changing out the centers.

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