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Saturday, May 2, 2015
I'm linking up with Farley for her fabulous and fun Currently Party again this month.  I look forward to this each month.  Here is what's currently happening with me...

It's a beautiful day today, and we have the windows open.  The breeze is blowing gently through the house and the sounds of birds are chirping outside is making this a fantastic morning.

I'm LOVING our new kayak.  It's a two man kayak and the whole family is having a blast using it.

I'm already thinking about the end of the year.  I'm busy working on memory books for my kiddos.  This has been a challenging but rewarding year.  The parents and kids have been a joy to work with.  I will certainly miss them!

Since I teach at an all kindergarten school and each year our jobs are in a precarious position that hinges on enrollment.   I'm not sure if I will be teaching straight kindergarten,  transitional kindergarten, or middle school.  Yes, I said middle school!  If there aren't enough kindergartners next year, there is a position waiting for one of our kindergarten teachers in the middle school.  It has happened before and it looks like it might happen again that one of us will be moved to the middle school.  EEK!  I hope and pray that it isn't me!

I'm needing my Apple Watch to arrive.  My husband ordered it at the stroke of midnight on the first night it was available and since I picked the most popular band, I'm waiting an extra month to have it shipped to me.  Dang it!

This summer I will be spending my Tuesday in the museums in Balboa Park (which are free to residents) and my Wednesday at the beach.  All my friends know where to find me on Wednesday and everyone is welcome to join me at the beach.  We always have a big crowd.  I am so looking forward to summer!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is currently happening with me.  I look forward to reading your comments!



  1. Having to move from kinder to middle school would be a big jump. Last year I was moved from 3rd up to middle school math, so I know how that can feel. Thankfully, I was able to come back to 3rd this year, but next is up in the air for me and my coworkers as well.

    Hope your Apple Watch comes in soon!


    1. I'm glad you survived the jump from 3rd to middle school and then back again. Sorry that next year is up in the air again for you. Hope you get to stay in 3rd.

  2. Switching to middle school would definitely be a big change! Hope you get what you want! Spending days at the beach will be amazing. Have a great summer!

    Confessions of a Teaching Junkie
    Contributor at Hello Sunshine!

    1. Thank you Teresa. You have a great summer as well!

  3. I so hope you get to stay in kindergarten!! Which watch did you order? I pre-ordered mine the day after they were released for viewing at Apple stores. It wasn't supposed to be delivered until May 14-28th and (as you know from my blog) it's coming on Monday!! I ordered the 38mm Stainless Steel with Milanese Loop! My mom ordered the iWatch Sport in White and it wasn't supposed to be delivered until June, but she got her's last week!!!! Watch you emails because they are coming early!!
    Heidi Neels
    Flipping for First

    1. I hope I stay in kindergarten as well! I ordered the 38mm Stainless with the pink leather band. I also ordered the white band for working out. Hopefully I will get an early delivery notice just like your mom. Fingers crossed.


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