Informational Writing with Kindergartners- Farm Animal Reports

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kindergartners love non-fiction text.  They LOVE learning about animals and can store many facts in their little brains.  They are like fact sponges.

The challenge is how to get all the knowledge from their little brains to the page.  My Farm Animal Report Unit will help with that!

Kindergartners can write reports.  Really!  They just need the structure and the scaffolding to do so.

I'm so pleased with how these reports turned out.  Writing them was so simple and the kids were guided through the process step by step.

Each animal had a Close Read passage and the kids loved underlining, highlighting, and drawing their notes.

To show you how cute my farm animal reports turned out this year,  I just picked one at random and took a photo of each page in the book.

I just love how the directed drawings of the animals turned out.  They look so cute on the page next to the report.

I have a TON of non-fiction books on different farm animals.  We read them ALL when we are studying about the farm and the kids love to find discrepancies among texts.  For instance, many texts say that pigs like to roll in mud, but in reality (as my kids have learned) pigs like to stay cool and prefer to go in clean water, but will resort to mud if that is the best available cooling source.

My kiddos also learned that cows are always female.   You might have already know that fact, but for city folk like us, that was news to most, if not ALL of my kids!   We routinely call all cattle "cows" and sadly, I'm no exception.

It's those fun little facts that spark kid's interest and those are the fact that they include in their reports.  My kids will be taking their reports home tomorrow and are so excited to share them with their parents.

This report was written by a different student, but I just love how the cow is peeking around the barn, so I had to take a picture to show you guys.  Such personality!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.  The kids are pretty proud of them too!

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  1. Kindergartners love non-fiction text. They LOVE learning about animals and can store many facts in their little brains. They are like fact sponges ...


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