Room for 30

Friday, August 31, 2012

Well, I'm pleased with my room.  I squeezed in another table so I can accommodate 30 kids.  I also have a table for parents to work with a group and a horseshoe table for me to work with a small group.  We have a large rug area, a housekeeping center, an extensive classroom library, blocks, puzzles, and all the things a busy kindergartner needs to learn and grow.  Despite being packed to the rafters, the room feels open and spacious (or maybe I'm just getting used to cramped quarters).

A Peek at Last Year's Room

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last year my class size increased from 24 to 27 kids.  You would think that 3 kids wouldn't make a huge impact in my room set up, but it did.  I had to convert my parent volunteer table (used daily for group work) to student desks.  This meant that I had to give my parent volunteers my horseshoe table and I moved myself to the floor during rotations.  You might be wondering why I didn't just put the parents on the floor working with groups, well, I count on parent volunteers to help me keep my group sizes small, so I wanted them to have a comfortable place to work to make sure that they would keep coming back.  This put me on the floor (not a comfortable place for my creaky old bones).  I decided that this year I need to find the space for another student table (each table seats six kids) so I'm rearranging my room once again.  Here is a look at some areas of my room last year.  I'm scouring blogs looking for inspiration.  I'll post pictures of my new room set up later.
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