Kindergarten Class Art Project Created for a School Auction

Monday, May 29, 2017

Flowers painted by students make a unique class art project

Every year we are asked to make a project or two that can be auctioned off during our fundraising events.  This year I wanted to make a project that showcased the individuality of each of my students yet that looked beautiful when assembled together.

I began by giving each of my kids a 5x5 inch piece of white card stock.  I put out different colors of paint and asked each child to pick a color and paint a small circle in the middle of the paper.  From there they painted petals and more circles and anything they wanted to make a flower as unique as they are.

Flowers painted by students make a unique class art project

After the flowers dried, I used a fine point sharpie to write their name on the edge and then I cut them out.  I got a big piece of black mat board and arranged the flowers as if they were sitting in a vase.  I cut a simple vase out of scrapbook paper and attached it to the mat board along with the flowers.  I kept the backgrounds dark so the flowers would pop out.

Look at how beautiful and unique each flower is!  The kids had so much fun making them!

Needless to say, the art project was a hit and fetched a pretty penny at the auction.  There was a bidding war but now it is hanging on one lucky home to be enjoyed for years to come.

April Fools Fun

Friday, March 31, 2017

I love fun jokes.  Every year I go for the classic "I made you a pan of brownies," joke.  It's old, but since I teach kindergarten, it's new for my audience.  That's one of the perks of teaching kindergarten.  They were so excited to get brownies after recess.  

What are these?!...

"Brown E's just like I told you,"  I said sweetly.  "They aren't what you expected?  April Fools!"

After the initial disappointment, I got the smiles and laughter that I was looking for.  

Tomorrow is April Fools so we made fun duck/bunny April Fools jokes for our families.  

The kids loved making them, and they laughed so much (kindergarten humor) when I flipped one from the duck to the bunny and said, "April Fools" and then switched it back again.  I know they will all go home and "trick" their parents tonight instead of waiting for the actual April Fools Day to play the prank.    

Pancake Day is Almost Here!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Are you looking for a fun way to practice sight words with your emerging readers?  Why not celebrate Pancake Day?  February 28th is the date for 2017.

 Sight Word Practice

The Tuesday immediately before Ash Wednesday is called Pancake Tuesday or Pancake Day.  It's the perfect day to play this fun game!  Kids use a real spatula to flip pancakes, read the sight word, and then write the sight word.  Great reading and writing practice that is highly engaging for kids.  They absolutely LOVE using the spatula to scoop the pancakes.  I even put a real frying pan and a plastic plate at the center for them to use.

I also use this activity on our Pajama Day.  On that day we make real pancakes for breakfast and graph how we liked them best.  Two uses for this fun activity.  It's easy prep too!  Just print on card stock and cut out the pancakes.  I outsourced the cutting to two of my kindergarten kids with the best cutting skills- you know the ones who always want to help you out during their free choosing time.  They were so excited to help make this center!

Here are photos of how we make our graphs.  I show them two different ways to organize the data.

Thanks for stopping by!

Feel the Love

Monday, February 6, 2017

I don't know about you, but my TpT shopping cart is always full.  Thanks TpT for having a sale so I can get all those great activities at a discount.  I'm so excited!

Of course, all of the items in my store will be 20% off too- so use the code LoveTpT to get the extra savings.

Happy shopping everyone!

Pajama Day Fun

Saturday, February 4, 2017

It was just Pajama Day at my school.  Parents love this day because they don't have to hassle with their kids over what to wear.  It also gives them a few extra minutes to sleep in.  I personally don't like teaching in my pajamas, but a teacher's gotta do what a teacher's gotta do- so jammies it is!

We started our morning with yoga stretches.  The kids had so much fun that we decided to begin every Friday morning with yoga stretching.

Later in the day, we tasted popcorn and graphed the results.  To keep the activity interesting, I went to a local popcorn shop and got 4 different brightly colored popcorn that would be new flavors for the kids.  They were intrigued to say the least.

For this activity, I put the popcorn on plates for my table groups to share.  We started by choosing a color and tasting ONE piece.  The kids guessed at the flavor and then we did a drumroll on our desktops before finding out what the flavor REALLY was.  After they knew the real flavor, they tasted it again.  It's surprising how thinking what it might taste like versus knowing what it should taste like makes it taste differently.  We did this for each color/flavor and the kids had a blast!

We finished our tasting activity with a graph.  

It was a positively perfect popcorn party.

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