April Fools Fun

Friday, March 31, 2017

I love fun jokes.  Every year I go for the classic "I made you a pan of brownies," joke.  It's old, but since I teach kindergarten, it's new for my audience.  That's one of the perks of teaching kindergarten.  They were so excited to get brownies after recess.  

What are these?!...

"Brown E's just like I told you,"  I said sweetly.  "They aren't what you expected?  April Fools!"

After the initial disappointment, I got the smiles and laughter that I was looking for.  

Tomorrow is April Fools so we made fun duck/bunny April Fools jokes for our families.  

The kids loved making them, and they laughed so much (kindergarten humor) when I flipped one from the duck to the bunny and said, "April Fools" and then switched it back again.  I know they will all go home and "trick" their parents tonight instead of waiting for the actual April Fools Day to play the prank.    


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