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Tuesday, June 2, 2015
I'm linking up with Farley for her fun Currently Linky Party.  I don't know about you, but I look forward to this each month.  Thank you Farley for getting us all linked up!

I love my mornings. I wake up before anyone else in the house.  I head straight for my coffee maker and then for my computer.  I sit with my coffee next to me, my computer in my lap, and my dogs right along side me.  My mornings are pure bliss.  With the house quiet I can hear all the birds chirping outside.  I just love listening to their different calls.  It makes me feel like I'm out in nature, when I'm really just in the suburbs.

I love, love, LOVE my Apple Watch.  I got it as a birthday present (the big 5-0) and had to wait a long time for it to arrive.  I was wondering if I would be disappointed, but I'm finding it really useful. I've made and answered calls from my wrist.  I've sent texts from my wrist.  I've had it track my activity and set fitness goals.  I've checked email, used it for directions, used the timer, etcetera, etcetera.  In short, it not only tells me the time, but it has saved me from digging through my purse to get my phone out.  It's pretty cool.

June is always bitter sweet for me.  I get attached to my kiddos and it is hard for me to say goodbye.  Especially at my school.  Why is that you wonder?  Well, I teach at an all kindergarten school and when the kids leave, they go off to their 1st thru 5th grade school, so we don't get a chance to see them and say hi to them or their parents after they leave us.  There are many things that I like about being and all kindergarten school, but this is the one thing that I don't like.

Since my school is kindergarten and only kindergarten, there is not an option for combo grades.  We wait each year to see how many kids enroll and then we find out if we are staying or if we have to pack up our rooms and move to another school and grade level.  It has happened before that a kindergarten teacher had to move to middle school- yikes!  That better not be me any time soon!

I desperately need to get organized this summer.  Both my classroom and home feel like they need some serious attention.  I'm going to treat it as my summer fitness routine- my classroom will be like a little summer sweat box (they turn the AC off) so when I'm there organizing I can sweat off the unwanted pounds.  Does that really work?  I'll let you know at the end of summer.

Summer Lovin':
Beach Days
Family Reunion

I'm looking forward to all these things!

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm looking forward to reading your comments and stopping by your blog to see what you are up to this month.  
Happy Summer Everyone!


  1. I teach science K-5 (not certified for Kinders, but...) I love working with them. They are like little sponges! I love that you say that your classroom and home need attention. I feel your pain. Things get so busy and the last thing I want to do is clean. I should be working on report cards. Have a great break!

    Renee at The Science School Yard

  2. I completely understand that bittersweet feeling. I think I would love teaching in a school that is all Kindergarten because of the collaboration, but every year I get so attached and so sad when the year ends. I love your header for your blog!

  3. Oh wow, I've never heard of an only Kindergarten school! I used to work in a K-1 school! Hopefully you get to stay!!! The Apple Watch sounds really cool!!! Glad you are enjoying it! I love getting up before everyone else too, that morning quiet is so nice!
    Chandra @ Teaching with Crayons and Curls

  4. I have to mimick Chandra above - i've never heard of an only Kindergarten School! Sounds fab but also so sad when they all then leave !! I hope you manage to stay in Kindergarten and have enough enrolled this year next - what a worrying experience! Your apple watch sounds fab! What a great birthday present that you are now able to enjoy! Have a fabulous Summer!

  5. I would be so excited if we only had a school made up of kindergarten! Our school goes from pre-k to 5th grade and has over 800 students. We have 6 kindergarten classes with about 125 kinders total! I desperately need to do some organizing at my house this summer but I am looking forward to lazy days. Hopefully I won't be too lazy!! Have a great summer!
    KinderKids Fun


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