Valentine's Day

Monday, February 1, 2016
Are you looking for an inexpensive and super cute Valentine idea for your class?  This is what I do for my kids every year and they LOVE it!

Make heart shaped crayons for Valentine's Day

I simply collect the old broken crayons from the previous year and then I peel off the wrappers and melt them in a silicone baking tray.  I make mine into heart shapes, but you could choose any shape that you want.  Once you use the baking tray to make the crayons, it is no longer viable for food so keep that in mind.

Easy to make crayons

I let my kids choose the crayon that they want.  They have so much fun coloring with these because it is always a surprise what color will rub onto the paper.  I put the extra crayons in my writing center along with sight words or CVC words that I want them to practice writing.  The novelty never gets old.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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