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Thursday, February 4, 2016
Better late than never!

I've been incredibly busy and incredibly exhausted (probably just like you) and this month's Currently by Farley has snuck up on me.  But I figure, better late than never, so here goes...

I love the quiet of my house in the early morning hours.  It's not like I have a busy, crazy, hectic house on a normal day, but there is something refreshing about the absolute stillness and quiet of the early morning.  Maybe it's the promise of a new day.  Maybe it's just the fact that the neighborhood hasn't woken up yet.  Maybe it's the warm cup of coffee next to me and the dog in my lap that makes the morning so special. 

I live in sunny So. Cal. so this El Nino winter has been a welcome change from the usual dry mild winter.  I've been lucky that the flooding hasn't affected me.  California needs this rain to get us out of our drought.

Blog design is a lot like fashion.  I watch and watch and then just when I'm ready to jump in and try those skinny jean, then flare jeans start making a comeback.  I've only had my new blog for a couple of years and already I'm wanting to go in a new direction.  I'm it really necessary? Is anything wrong with my old design? Do I have the money for this?  So here's what's going to happen... just like fashion, I will sit on the fence for a long time and swoon over all the cute new simple designs and then finally make the decision to take the plunge.  It won't be long after I get my new design that everyone else will start redoing their blogs in a completely different design format.   Hmmm... what to do?  Suggestions?

My trip to London and Paris this year was absolutely AMAZING!  My sister and I had so much fun traveling together.  My goal is to get back to Europe with my husband (who lived in Italy for 5 years) and to travel with him.  Everything in Europe is so old compared to America and so different.  I guess this brings me to the next topic... winning the lottery.

Did I say that I needed to win the lottery?  If I want to get travel around the globe then that's the only way my dreams will come true.  Perhaps I need to start buying lottery tickets...

Yep, I definitely want a new blog design.  Better buy that lottery ticket.

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through the link-up. I was a kindergarten teacher for 4 years before I got moved to 2nd grade this year. I LOVE your blog design. I am going to have to redo mine since I am no longer a kindergarten sad!! :( I am in the same place as you though, I hate to make such a big decision only to move back to kindergarten! Oh well! Happy Friday!



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