Force and Motion

Monday, February 2, 2015
The thing I love most about teaching science, is that it is so hands-on!  My class spent the month of January investigating force and motion.  We looked at gravity, push, pull, friction, and many other concepts as we conducted different investigations.

Some of the activities were quick ones, like using a straw to blow a cotton ball, and some were longer like when we investigated friction.  When the kids had the science concepts firmly under their belts, I posed some "impossible" questions.  Their first response was always, "we can't do that!" But I told them to just try to see if they could- they did!

Here is impossible question #1
Can you knock over a glue bottle using a tennis ball without touching the tennis ball?

Here was one solution:
Force and Motion Activities

All of the groups used some tool to hold the ball without touching it.  One group of girls thought to cradle it in a book to get the motion started.  All of the groups used the blocks to make ramps for the ball to travel on.

Then I asked them impossible question #2
Can you make a car go uphill without pushing it?

Here are two solutions:
Force and Motion Activities

Force and Motion Activities

In both of the "impossible" question scenarios, the kids worked in collaborative groups.  This wasn't easy for many of them, especially the first time, but on question #2, they had a much easier time working together to problem solve.  They really had a great time investigating force and motion.

If you are interested in conducting some of these same experiments with your kids (they can be older than kindergarten and still learn a lot from these questions) you can click here to get the unit from my TpT store.

Force and Motion Science Unit

Happy science investigations!


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