Avoiding Chores

Sunday, October 19, 2014
I don't know if you are like me, but I find any excuse to avoid housework.  I usually am working on things for my classroom, but yesterday I branched out to something different.

My sister and I have been wanting to paint pictures of our dogs for a long time now.  We bought canvases and paint during the summer, but never managed to find time to get together to paint.  Summers can be surprisingly busy- I know that I put off doctor's appointments, dental work, and other things for my summer time so that I don't have to miss any days of school.  (I know most of my teacher friends do that as well.)  Then school started and we all know how busy and hectic that is!

Now that the dust has settled and the new school year is off and running successfully, I found that I had a Saturday afternoon open and so did my sister, so we FINALLY got together to paint.  We took our favorite photos of our dogs and went to work.  I used my docucam at school to help us sketch out the rough image and then we got inspired.  We scoured through art images of pet paintings to find our inspiration.  I was inspired by the BLUE DOG series, and my sister took a completely different route.

Here is one of my paintings...

Here are my sister's paintings... (she did all three in the time it took me to do just one).

The fun part is that our styles are so different.  We both liked our first paintings the best.  Hers was the bottom one and mine was the orange and white dog.  We think they really captured the personalities of our puppies.  I love all of hers and they look fantastic hanging on her bedroom wall.  I reworked my purple and blue dog until I just had to walk away.  It doesn't look at all like my sweet Angus, but I have more paint and can certainly try again.  After all, I tell my kids to PERSEVERE in all that they do, so I will do that as well until I get a painting of Angus that I feel captures his sweet essence.  No matter what, it was definitely better than cleaning the kitchen and doing the laundry (both of which are being done today BTW).


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