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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Today's topic is organization.  Here is my secret to staying organized...BINDERS!
 I’m all about binders!  Well, binders and page protectors to be more specific. 

I can organize materials and access them quickly by using a binder system.  The blacklines are literally at my fingertips!  I have things organized by time of the year, by activity, by subject, etc.  And the best part is- they store neatly in a cupboard!  

I started my binder system last year and I love it!   I used to have everything in filing cabinets, but classroom space is valuable in a kindergarten classroom.  I am moving all of my blacklines to binders and just keeping one or two filing cabinets for the project samples and supplies that go with each project.    My goal for the year is to get those space hogging filing cabinets cleaned out and moved out.  Ask me in June how that went.

Happy Wednesday! 


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