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Friday, August 22, 2014

Well, it's Day 5 in the Linky Party and today's question is: What do you like to teach?

I love to teach math.  I want my kids to be problem solvers.  I have made a whole set of logic games to help them reason through a situation.  These games have worksheets that can be used whole group, as seatwork, or as homework.  Then my logic puzzles also games that are perfect for a math tub or as a center activity.  I have 6 different puzzles that range in complexity.   Begin with the simple ones to help kids gain confidence and skill as problem solvers, then move into the more complex puzzles as the year (and their skill) progresses.  Even though these are the same type of puzzles and you only have to train the kids once on how to do them, the themes of the puzzles are so different that the kids think it's whole different center!  The novelty factor is there, so they think you are a rock star when you put a different one in the center.

In kindergarten we do a daily opening routine, which includes the calendar, number of the day, weather observation and graphing, place value, attendance, patterning, days of the week, shapes, and so much more.  To enhance the basic calendar activities, I have created a Calendar Companion unit.  I found that I needed more resources to have a comprehensive opening calendar routine.

Another set of great math activities that I LOVE are my Deck of Cards units.  I have one for Kindergarten and one for First grade.  They cover a HUGE amount of Common Core Standards and the kids love them because they get to use a standard deck of playing cards to complete the different activities.  Each activity can be printed and put in a page protector so the kids can write and wipe.   I have them complete the activity and put it in a bin so that I can check it at the end of the day to see if they are understanding the concept or not.  After I check it, I just wipe it clean and it’s ready to go for tomorrow’s group of kids.  Super easy!

Well, that's it for this week.  Thanks for linking up with me!  


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