Saturday, March 28, 2015
Metamorphosis should also be called "The Long Wait."

Well, we just had our Open House last Thursday evening and our caterpillars finally went into the chrysalis stage.  We thought it would NEVER happen.  We watched those little caterpillars eat and eat and grow and grow for the longest time.

Here is our science table.  We always have something living to observe.  Right now we have a daffodil (which has just about run its course), some ladybugs, and our butterflies (in the chrysalis stage).
Kindergarten hands on science center

Now we are off for two weeks for Spring Break so I had to send the little guys home with a steward.  One of my very enthusiastic little boys is taking our caterpillars home for the break.  He will care for them and bring them back to school when break is over.  It was so cute because he left the room singing this song as he was carrying the precious cargo out the door.

If you like the metamorphosis song, you can purchase a similar one at Susan Paul's TpT store.  She has many other great songs.

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