Easiest Costume Ever!

Monday, October 31, 2016
This year my staff decided to do a group costume.  Fine by me.

After perusing Pinterest, we agreed upon the M&M outfits.  Everyone was assigned a color based upon our school wide reading group colors.  I got green (lucky me) which happens to be my favorite color.  We sent someone to the store for t-shirts and then we had an after school sewing party where we traced, cut, and ironed the M's to our shirts.  

That was it!  Done!  

Best (and most comfy) group costume

And the best part about the costume was how comfy I was in it all day.  Usually I'm fighting my costume all day long- but not this year!  Black pants and boots and my outfit was done.

All day long the kids had fun spotting other M&Ms.  "Look!  There goes a yellow one!"  The kids had a blast!

I hope we wear these again next year.  (I've already started lobbying for this).

Happy Halloween!


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