New York and Montreal

Tuesday, July 5, 2016
School got out for me on Thursday and I immediately jumped on a plane on Friday.

My sister invited me to be her plus one for a wedding in Montreal.  I spent Friday traveling and Saturday partying.   Not a bad start to a summer vacation!

The wedding was amazing!  White flowers and candles everywhere!  The food was fantastic and the entertainment was superb.

Seal was the surprise entertainment!   
(Are you kidding me?!)

After that we danced to one of Montreal's famous DJs.

Thank goodness for the flip flops that were available.  It's been forever since I've spent any length of time in such spiky heels, let alone danced in heels!

Such a fun night!

The next day we explored the city of Montreal.  My favorite part of the city was Old Montreal.  We spent the day shopping and looking around.

Then it was off to New York City!

We did all of the touristy things from the Statue of Liberty to the Metropolitan Museum.

Now my travels are over and it's "staycation" time in beautiful San Diego.


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