Animal Habitats- Combining Art and Science

Friday, June 3, 2016

We've been learning about animals and their habitats these last few weeks.  

I've been incorporating a lot of art during our lessons and my kids have been loving it!

After learning about water habitats, I did a directed draw with my kids and then we painted with watercolors.  Here are a few of our fish paintings.  Aren't they cute?

Watercolor fish- Easy kindergarten art project

Fish habitats- incorporate art into your science curriculum

The bubbles crack me up.  I didn't tell them to do that, one child added them and I commented about how cute it was and then, wouldn't you know it, all of the other kids started drawing bubbles too.
(That's the magic of kindergarten)

Colorful watercolor fish- easy kindergarten art project

Here are animals in a different habitat- The Savannah

To make these we drew lions together with black crayons.  When the lion was done, I told the kids to use a brown crayon to color in the mane and tail.   I then mixed up a nice yellow/brown and the kids painted their lions.

Mixed Media Lion- crayon and paint

Lion- drawn with crayon and painted with tempra paint

Some did the lion and the background in the same brown color (for camouflage) and others used the green paint (because it was spring).  Love how these kids justify their color choices!

Lion- draw with crayons and paint- Fun mixed media project

Mixed Media Lion- crayons and paint

These are super fun and really easy. 
The combination of crayon and paint gives a nice mixed media effect.

Combine Art and Science- Draw animals in their habitats
Fun Kindergarten Art Project

It always amazes me how I can guide them through the drawing one step at a time and all of their pictures come out so dramatically different.   The personality of the artist really shines through.

I just had to share these because I think they are so cute.  They make me smile each time I look at them.


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