Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Do you use glyphs in your classroom?  I love to use glyphs in my classroom.  Why?  Well, glyphs are a great way to collect data about my class.  I ask kids some questions, and based on their answers they build a cute art project.  You display this art in your math center and go back to the art to collect and analyze the data.  Here is my view of what a glyph is in a nutshell...
why use a glyph?

I make seasonal glyphs:

I connect glyphs to my units of study.

I also love to make glyphs just for the fun of it.
My kindergartners always need more cutting activities to strengthen their fine motor muscles and glyphs are a great (and fun) way to do that.

Here is my latest glyph... a Teddy Bear Glyph.

It comes with all this and will be available for only $1 for the next 3 days.  

If you have never made a glyph before, this is the perfect opportunity to give one a try.  Kids love them, they make an adorable bulletin board, and the bulletin board is not static; you will revisit it time and time again to collect and analyze the data displayed.  Administrators love it!


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