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Friday, July 31, 2015

It's time for the TpT Back to School Sale!!  I've been adding items to my wishlist all summer long and now is the time to make my final decisions.  Oh, how I love shopping!  I always hope that I will sell as much as I buy to keep the hubby happy.    Is it August 3rd yet??

So, if you are interested, here are some great products from my store to help you get your year off to a great start.

These Animal Facts Comprehension and Close Read Passages are super engaging for your readers.  Kids love learning about the different animals and the real pictures completely captivate and excite them.  The comprehension pages ask different questions.  I use these over the course of a few days.  First, I read it aloud for information.  We discuss.  Then I give the kids their own copy (I just print in gray scale and it looks fine) and we reread and highlight important facts.  Sometimes the kids do this in small groups, or with me, or independently.  Then we discuss what parts we thought were important.  Finally, I give them the comprehension questions and they use those to go back into the text and find information to answer the questions.

increase reading comprehension with these passages

Another item that I think you'll absolutely adore are these games.  

practice different skills

In small groups we love to play "I have ___, who has___?"
These games are great for reading fluency, comprehension, and they cover so many different skills.  I have them for sight words, for CVC words, for word blends, for long vowels, for math concepts... you name it,  I've probably got it.  (If not, message me and I'll make you exactly what you want!)

Our speech teacher uses these games with her small groups as a reward and the kids are practicing speaking while they play- Win-Win!  Such a fun way to get some practice in during a real world speaking experiences.

And here's another great activity that I know you'll love!

Kids practice rhyming by rolling the dice.  They say the pictures out loud and if they rhyme then they cover a star on the board.  I use big dice in my room, but you can use the small dice that are included in the unit.  (I sometimes put those small dice in a center just to change it up).

phonemic awareness rhyming activity

phonemic awareness rhyming center

And here are a couple of things that are in my shopping cart.

I LOVE A Teeny Tiny Teacher's Reader's Theater Partner Plays.  I use them with my reading groups, I use them as a center activity, my kids choose them during free choice time... I just can't get enough of these!  So I'm back to purchasing more.  These are great for working on reading fluency and reading with expression.  The kids love them!

Here is another item that my kids love.  I own this, 

so I need to purchase the CVCe activity.

Well, now I'm off to blog hop around the linky to see what everyone else has in their carts.  I always find such great products by doing this!

Happy shopping everyone!  And thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Your blog is fabulous! I love it! Also a great blog post with lots of fab resources listed! Thanks for some great ideas.

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