Farm Animal Reports

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
We have just returned from Spring Break (two weeks!) and are plowing into our Farm Unit.  

We will learn about different animals including horses, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens during this unit.  As we learn about each animal we will write a report.  Our final project will be one big book with a page for each animal.  This is a snapshot of what each page will look like.

We draw the animals on construction paper and then cut them out and mount them on a different color of 12x18 paper next to the final report.

When we are all finished, I will bind them into one large book for each child.

report writing for kids- farm animal reports

Click on the photo above to get the report, or click on this link.

We take a field trip to our local dairy.  We get to see the cows in their barns, sleeping on their water beds and getting milked in the milking parlor.  The dairy even gives us ice cream as a fun treat.

We will end our study of the farm by having a Rodeo Day where we wrap up the unit.

On this day kids dress in the best western wear and bring their hobby horses to school.  They make and eat chicken scratch by pecking like a chicken -no hands allowed!

They make purple cows- yum!  Have you ever had one?  It's a grape float.

They do barn dancing,  barrel racing,  milk a cow,  rope a steer, help Mrs. Wishy Washy clean mud off of animal (well, chocolate pudding off of animal crackers) and pet small animals in the petting corral.  It's a super fun day.


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