Student Choice Is So Important

Monday, January 26, 2015
I believe in student choice for many instances in my classroom.  I believe that it keeps kids engaged if they get to choose the activity.  With that in mind, I make sure to have a lot of different options available that cover the standards that I want covered.
Friends of 10 math game

Here are two of my kiddos playing a math game that works on addition facts to 10.  I want my kids to gain number automaticity with facts to ten.  This game is called Frog in the Bog, but they could have chosen Bug on the Rug instead.  Both games are played exactly the same and cover the exact same math concepts and standards, but because the graphics and name are different, the kids feel like it is a completely different game.  (Ha- fooled ya! ...I'm so sneaky.)

I introduce these games at the parent table so they learn how to play them correctly.  Then I place them in a math tub so the students can choose them for a center rotation or during free choosing time.  These two love this game and are getting quite fast at their number facts to 10.

You might think it's a waste of money to buy two of the exact same games, but quite frankly, I feel that it is money well spent.  The kids get more practice with the concepts because they think they are playing a new game.  Love it!


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