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Thursday, August 1, 2013

To raise money for our school, I had the kids work on small group art pieces to auction off at our Spring Fling event.  Here is the how we made them:

I took a piece of 9x12 white construction paper and drew a heart using a black marker.  I turned the papers over and marked each corner with a letter and number (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D- 2A, 2B, 2C 2D- etc.) so I would be able to reassemble them easily after we were done.  Then I randomly cut each heart into 4 pieces.  I mixed them all up and the kids each took one of the pieces.  The project only took 3 days to paint and one more to sign the artwork.  

Each child's paper was divided into two parts by the black line.  They were instructed to paint each section a different color.  We let those dry and the next day the kids used a different color of paint to add designs and texture.  I let them do whatever they wanted to.  After those were dry, we came back one last time and painted over my black line with a thicker line of black paint.  That is it!

When everything was dry, I reassembled the hearts (using my coding system on the back) and we admired our beautiful creations.  I laminated each heart and matted them using black mats.  I had each child sign by their section using a silver paint marker.  

I had the hearts on display for Open House and they went up for auction the following week at the Spring Fling.  

They are beautiful and truly one of a kind.  I got the idea from Pinterest (I love Pinterest) and made it my own.  The Pinterest idea used circles instead of hearts and they were really cool too, but I like how the hearts turned out.


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